Next DCC/RL kit

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Next DCC/RL kit

Post  highpressure on Sun 13 Nov 2011, 7:13 pm

Hi Craig,

I know you're actually quite busy and you do most of the updates in your own time but havent seen anyting recently on whats currently being done on the next kit as its in production. It interetsing to see whats on the bench and what the various ops are to get in ready to go out, even more so as the the next few kits are gears and so on. So any chance of showing a few of whats currently being worked on and even perhaps how the schedule looks for the next few months???

Cheers Kev.

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Re: Next DCC/RL kit

Post  craig@STW on Sun 13 Nov 2011, 8:55 pm

i can only tell you what i know, which is not a lot at the moment. we have been told that the delivery of the gears is likely to be delayed and so we are to concentrate on the "fittings kit". as most of these are common to the showmans/roadloco and the burrell agricultural the first stage of the process is a stock check. as soon as i get this back from mike i will be able to look at material orders etc.

we have just sent out the generator casting kit for the showmans people and mark has just started on another batch of cylinder blocks.

the rest of the machines are currently working on kit 2 of the 4inch agricultural and boiler plates.

the next foden kit is 99% ready to go and kit 2 of the 4inch agricultural and kit 1 of the two inch are due to go out on 21st November

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