Burrell 4" to LSM drawings

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Burrell 4" to LSM drawings

Post  Rickster on Mon 30 May 2011, 11:54 am

For those that maybe interested, yesterday I spend about 2 hours chatting to the chap who built this engine from LSM drawings. He only bought three castings for it - Block, and the two rear wheel hubs. Everything else he made himself, including the boiler,

The engine was made in 1989 and has not needed any work so far thougt steamed regularly. He doesn't use water treatment and the governer works without any steam leaks. In fact, she doesn't leak steam at all. The motion and all glands are still as built with no bearings/bushes or pins yet needing to be replaced. There is still no perceptible wear anywhere at all in the motion. I was amazed at what he has done. He's 74 and finds all his metal from bits lying around, from a crashed into bus shelter to road signs! The firehole door ring is made from a mini alternator outer cover, ends cut off and then squashed to oval.
I could have spend all day talking to this chap, if the kids and my wife weren't with me. He was a fountain of knowlege and is one of a rare breed I would say.

Quite an amazing achievement - it took him three years to build and has since built a 4 1/2" Wallis & Steevens Advance from scrap metal. The only casting is the cylinder block - the head stock for the rolls was made from 42 different piecs of scrap metal, some of it drain pipe, welded and then ground and filed to shape. The front forks were 36 individiual pieces of scrap. Unfortunately I haven't a picture of it, but it does look fantastic.

Here's the Agricultural.


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