Water Gauge

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Water Gauge

Post  highpressure on Fri 04 Mar 2011, 7:55 pm

Thinking about not fitting the upper and lower water level taps and replacing with a water glass like the boiler ones. What are the threads in the tender and what is the union called that holds the glass in place i.e. the brass bit that would screw into the tender so I can search for one???? Question Question Neutral


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Re: Water Gauge

Post  Steam Traction World on Tue 08 Mar 2011, 9:11 am

Hi Kevin

You could put a couple of check valves in (without the ball) so they're facing each other and put a clear plastic pipe between them. The threads in the tender are 5/16" x 32.


However, a much better way would be to drill a 3/8" dia hole in the top of your tender tank, close to the bunker divider and fit a union. We could probably let you have a 3/8" x 32 nut to secure it on the inside. Keep the pipe nut on but remove the pipe ferrule. An appropriately sized knitting needle stuck in a wine bottle cork would then act as a float and give you an indication of the water level.


Hope this helps



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Re: Water Gauge

Post  Alex-Jan on Wed 09 Mar 2011, 12:36 am

Hi Kevin
I would recommend the "dipstick " idea. I already made one for my new agriculture, using a 4mm stainless steel rod and a piece of Styrofoam (roofmate). I made a 3/8 union with a 4.1 mm hole to fit the rod and a little bronze knob on the upper end. Never use polystyrene as that sucks water and loose his floating. Will post a photo soon.

Regards Alex-Jan


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Re: Water Gauge

Post  Vapor on Wed 09 Mar 2011, 4:21 pm

Hey Dean

That company Steamfittings is very good they have an execellent product range and not to far from STW Cool


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Re: Water Gauge

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