This forum ruined my Wife's Christmas

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This forum ruined my Wife's Christmas

Post  Flasback on Sun 30 Jan 2011, 7:43 am

Hi All,

I am new to the forum as I have just purchased a 4" DCC showmans (my brother and I have brought one each to do at the same time). We should get the first kits later in the week. Just before Christmas we came across this website and was hooked from the first visit. It is nice to read a forum that actually helps others not just tells you that your views are C%$. I must have read many of the threads and visited many times your websites to see how you are building your engines and at what stage you are all at. The tips you give from reading this forum are great and has helped us understand the task ahead and the pain/enjoyment coming our way. My wife is now also starting to look at the pictures you have posted after much of 'come and look at this this' or 'wow is that how you do it'. I spent most of the Christmas holidays reading the threads and talking to my brother about what to do during a build.

Although she was upset about me being on this site at first, she has allowed me to buy this engine, she is is a good old girl ready (if she reads this thread sorry , you are not that old really :oops).

I hope to see many of you over the years in a beer tent at a show, my engine will be the badly painted one with 3 wheels Razz Embarassed


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Re: This forum ruined my Wife's Christmas

Post  Kevster on Sun 30 Jan 2011, 8:02 am

I have found this forum very useful and a lot of great advice on here too.
The photos are very inspirational and people are helpful , if we have a question im sure someone on here will know the answer.

I have only just recieved my first kits this week,cleared some space and started on the rear wheels ,wow they are big and heavy.



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Post  lynnr on Sun 30 Jan 2011, 9:26 am

Hi Flashback

Yes it is very addictive. One my engine is built (4" Showman) it will be doing about 100 miles in the first couple weeks with all the people that have asked me to "promise you will come and let us see it when it is finished"

Do not be affraid to ask any question even if you think it is a "stupid" question. Everyone on here has been fed good and will not try and chew you up.

My Showman was started in late Aug last year and I was 6 or 7 kits behind. Fortunatly I was in the position to purchase multiple kits and I think I am only 1 kit behind now. The best month was late November when I go the boiler deposit, Belly tank and Tender in the one go Very Happy

I do not have this months kit yet and not sure what kit I will be receiving so it is a surprise.

Happy building and see you on here frequently!

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Re: This forum ruined my Wife's Christmas

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