kit 11 Cylinder and poston

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kit 11 Cylinder and poston

Post  zzr prid on Sat 16 Oct 2010, 7:33 pm

Hi all need a litte help.

On what parts do i need to use the foliac paste. Also before painting or after ?

And at what point do i paint the cylinder block ?

And what other parts do i need to paint ?

Thanks for the help.
Hope every one is ok.

zzr prid

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Re: kit 11 Cylinder and poston

Post  LilyJack on Sun 17 Oct 2010, 12:21 pm

At what point do you paint the cylinder block? Hmmm, as long as you've done all your slide surfaces (valve slide seating etc), there's no reason why you cant paint it now really,I used good ole BBQ black, B&Q, heat resistant and has been okay after the numerous firings I've so far done. As for the gasket snot, dont worry about that until it's time for final assembly of the cylinder, just as a note, you may want to stick a bit of masking tape or something over the reg valve on the top, it'll stop crap falling down there whilst you're sticking the rest of it all together,but as said, IF your cylinder is now ready ie: all faces cleaned up etc and ready for assembly,your end plates are nice n clean and trial fitted to make sure everythings okay, GET PAINTING Very Happy , you MIGHT have to do a little bit of touching up afterwards but I never had to, as long as you take your time etc you'll be fine. The quicker you get it painted, the harder the paint'll be for assembly.

Spose we've all got our different ways but that was my way n it worked out all good.

LilyJack Cool

PS: just an extra note, once you've sussed where the reg rod position is going to be (after everythings assembled) you MAY want to put a wee dimple into the rod so that bloody tiny little grub screw in the brass block stays put, I had mine slide out of position once it got all nice n hot.


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