Belly Tank just back from powder coaters

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Belly Tank just back from powder coaters

Post  highpressure on Thu 07 Oct 2010, 5:14 pm

As the title suggests I have just picked up the belly tank from my local metal finishers after they have powder coated it. I deliberated long and hard about what to do with it, should I spray it? hand paint it? how to do the inside etc. But in the end I thought I'd at least get the outside done and then see how to sort out the inside later. However the metal finishers are very good at what they do and without asking they have given the whole of the inside a really good coat too, I feel after I have sploshed the petrol sealant inside and possibly some Isoflex too it will be fine. And what a finish!!! I couldnt have done such a job myself, not least because it would have been such an awkward beast to turn round, and to cap it off they charged me 30 for the cleaning and coating!!!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Needless to say it is already on the bench in the log cabin having the lining tape applied and I hope to have some pics on here of the finished article soon. Here are some shots before it gets lined out.

You cant tell which are the BA rivets by the way and its SOOOOO satisfying to know they are all done now. Please Steve dont say there are some more to come. affraid affraid

Keep the faith and hopefully see some of you soon.


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Powder powder every where!

Post  lynnr on Fri 08 Oct 2010, 8:25 am

and that is good!

Looking very nice. Appears from the pictures to be a very deep gloss to it.
When I get my tank it will just be spray painted and isoflex'ed as up here in the far north we do not have much in the way of facilities.

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