Slowly taking over the house.

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Slowly taking over the house.

Post  lynnr on Wed 06 Oct 2010, 8:25 am

With the dark nights arriving forever earlier, dark by 19:00 now, I have now moved in to the kitchen to get more light. Worked on kit 4, rear wheel, got the arildite done, one side fully bolted up, other side temp bolts and rest of rivets punched in.

The next big question is "where can I store the wheel" as the garage is not cleared yet. Kits 1,2 and 3 are in my bedroom on my chest of drawers but the rear wheel is too heavy for there. Hummmm.

What is your strangest place to keep parts?

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Re: Slowly taking over the house.

Post  andyc on Wed 06 Oct 2010, 2:06 pm


I have gradually taken over our utility room ( my excuse has been that it is now too cold to paint in the shed ).
On the tumble dryer worktop i have several pieces of 2" burrell and a 3.5" gauge black 5 loco. On the freezer I have a 1" scale traction engine and the 2" burrell tender. On the linen shelves I have untouched kits from 13 onwards for the 2" burrell. On the floor by the tumble dryer is my 5" gauge polly 2 loco and spreading out further i have a 1" scale steam roller on my bedside cabinet.

There are some nice shelves in the spare bedroom which i can see being filled with 2" burrell bits before too long.




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