Hydraulic Test

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Hydraulic Test

Post  andyfletch on Sun 31 Aug 2008, 12:20 pm

Having just had my steam test successfully completed by my local Club, I sent all the paperwork off to Walker Midgeley for them to forward my NTET disc. They have contacted me to tell me that they cannot use the original hydraulic test paperwork and that my club will need to do this test despite there being 1 year left before its required.

I am okay with this as I was planning to bring all the dates for tests in line with the clubs testing dates, however, I am not sure how to prepare my Burrell for the Hydraulic test.

I know it needs filling up with water and tested up to 240psi.

Can anyone tell me the procedure?



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Re: Hydraulic Test

Post  KC on Mon 01 Sep 2008, 3:00 am


Every clubs procedure is slightly different, so you need to talk with your club boiler tester to get the details. Basically they attach a pump and pressure gauge to your boiler and then pump the boiler up to the test pressure and hold it for a set time period while inspecting the boiler for any leaks etc.

In terms of preparation you need to blank off the safety valve by either removing it or clamping it down and have a suitable fitting to attach your clubs hydraulic testing gear, fill the boiler up with water from the highest point or be able to vent at the highest point so you purge all the air from the boiler. You will also need to take the ashpan and grate off to allow inspection of the firebox.



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Hydraulic test

Post  islander on Mon 03 Nov 2008, 1:14 pm

It is also best to remove and blank off the two clack valves on either side of the boiler, these quite often leak and you will also need to hold down the regulator slide valve as this may also leak allowing the test pressure to leak into the cylinder.Your club boiler tester will assist as much as possible. I belong to the MSRVS club and they are very helpfull and will give all the advice you could wish for. Happy steaming.


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Hydraulic testing

Post  Steve Traill on Wed 05 Nov 2008, 3:06 pm

Small point but it is only tested to double the working pressure on it's initial test, thereafter it is 1.5 times its working pressure so that will be 180lbs per square inch. It is thought that going above that puts unnessessary strain on a working engine. (This is with the Southern Fed. anyway)

Steve Traill

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Re: Hydraulic Test

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