smoke-box on 4th axis CNC

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smoke-box on 4th axis CNC

Post  craig@STW on Thu 05 Aug 2010, 9:11 pm

this is a foden smoke-box on the 4th axis CNC machine. i thought I'd post it in a general topic as all the smoke-boxes go through the same process.

so that i could film it without running the coolant the machining has already been done and then the section of program is run again for the film clip. you can see how we manage to machine all the holes in one operation and accurately.

the 4th axis machine is always interesting to watch, especially with such large parts in it. the first part is the spotting drill spotting all the holes, i didn't bother to film the hole drilling but basically different size drills then go through the same movements. the last part is the machining of the larger holes. this is done quite slowly as the smoke-box tends to shudder if you push it too hard. it's only held in a three jaw chuck and you can see the tail stop in place which helps to take the weight and keep everything in line. the cross shaped support is the standard "plug" that we make for each smoke-box