Getting Back To Business

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Getting Back To Business

Post  thehawk on Sat 09 Aug 2008, 2:27 pm

Steve and Dean

Following receipt of your recent letter I was going to reply in like form, but the questions I have will probably be asked by everyone building a 4 inch Burrell, so I thought I'd post it on the forum.

Firstly I am very pleased that you have rescued this part of the business and wish you every success (I do, of course have a selfish interest). Whilst the increase in price meant a quick board meeting with 'head office' (The Wife!), I can appreciate the increase materials and labour since I first ordered the engine!

Can you answer the following questions please. With respect to the Burrell 4inch regular delivery schedule:

1) Given that I and everyone else accept the new offer, when do you plan to commence manufacture and deliver the first kit (Kit10), and are you ready to accept our orders now?

2) Do you require payment of the boiler deposit straight away, ie on acceptance of your offer?

3) Do you have a credit card facility?

4) Is the delivery schedule monthly or would you like to give some dates, given that things like Christmas for example, may lose you a week of production? I think I (we) would rather be told the truth than the "Modelworks wait and hope" routine!

One further question. I never received the smoke box nameplates (Kit 3) and would like to know the cost and when they might be delivered.

I think that's all my questions, perhaps other forum members may have more, hope you can answer them soon as I am looking forward to gettting back to business! (PS will you be going to the GDSF?)

Best wishes,


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Re: Getting Back To Business

Post  Steam Traction World on Mon 18 Aug 2008, 9:07 pm

Hi Paul

Sorry for the very late reply to your questions. I'm afraid I just didn't look carefully enough when scanning the forum.

The order for all the castings required for Kit 10 was placed about three weeks ago. On the same order was a few items for the Foden and the 2" Burrell as well as the 4" Burrell cylinder blocks. Quite an expensive order! I hope we'll be in a position to despatch kit 10 sometime in September. As soon as we get some firm information, we'll post it on the forum.

We're also working on placing all the material orders and arranging laser cutting etc for all the boiler components. Additionally, we're researching suitable equipment to help us speed up the operation of 'weld preping' the various plates.

We will only require payment for kit 10 when its ready to be shipped. Once we've firmed up of boiler material suppliers and are ready to place orders, Isabel will phone you asking for the boiler deposit. I suspect that will be the week after GDSF.

We're trying to arrange a credit card facility but the banks aren't being very co-operative at the moment. We're still in negotiations and will post any developments. Until this facility is available, we'll be asking everyone to post a cheque or arrange a bank transfer.

Planning realistic production schedules is tricky at the moment, we're feeling our way as we go. We will be posting regular production reports on the forum to try and keep everyone up to date with progress.

I think we have both nameplates available for the 4" Burrell. You could try ordering them through our 'one-line' shop.

We will be at GDSF. We should be in the 'Restoration Tent' which I think will be next to NTET tent at the bottom of the 'play pen'. Please come and have a chat.



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