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Build Progress

Post  Vapor on Tue 04 May 2010, 2:46 pm

Hi All,

Just thought I’d make a post to see how everyone’s build is progressing, I’m just finishing the last few bits of Kit 5 before I strip the chassis to send away for powder coating, still have not finalised the colour yet but I will Smile

I think I will spray the front & rear springs as I think powder coating may crack with the flexing when in use, The build so far has been pretty un-eventful however I did have a bit of a blond moment when I struggled to get the supplied fixing nuts on the brake pins I then discovered that someone at STW with a sense of humour had packed two M12 left hand threaded nuts to suit the right hand threaded pins Sad

I shall be collecting my boiler this week with a bit of luck provided I can find a few spare hours to visit the factory Very Happy

Roll on Kit 7

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Post  atomenter on Tue 04 May 2010, 10:40 pm

Hi All
I have made a temporary cradle/front axle support to allow me to get all the bits together, just to make sure it all fits. So far so good, although it would be easier to move around with some steering!! (next kit I believe)

Progess so far.

All the paintwork so far has been red smooth hammerite.

Will post some more pics as the kits arrive.

The finished rear width is more than the 36" in the brochure - more like 40" due to the double wheels ???


Tom A

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Re: Build Progress

Post  miller on Wed 05 May 2010, 8:00 am

looking good Cool

yes, the control model is around 40inch, probably down to the mods we did to the rear hubs and the slight difference in the wheel rims.

the next kit will be the steering... and water tanks.


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Re: Build Progress

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