Valve gear upgrade

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Valve gear upgrade

Post  WWayman on Wed 28 Apr 2010, 8:55 pm

I am in the middle of the valve train upgrade. I tried to save the crank bearings (that were installed with retaining compound) but managed to burn the rubber seals. New bearings cost $9 each. Most of the parts are high quality but one arm had an oversize bushing hole because a chip got caught on the cutting tool. Retaining compound to the rescue.... I am unhappy with the heavy weight of the long valve linkage bar. There is no reason for it to be that heavy. The weight puts more stress on all the bushings and linkages. I lightened it by milling a slot down its length and adding a big cross hole just above the u opening. I will post some photos later.
One problem I found was that the piston rod gland nuts had loosened up and unscrewed enough to where the cross head was bashing them. One nut had come off and bent the brass gland plate badly. Now I know what that bad noise was! My fix is to replace the damaged studs and use aircraft style all-metal locknuts.
I hope to have it painted and back together by next week.
Happy steaming.
Bill Wayman


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