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Post  TB on Fri 08 Aug 2008, 8:14 am

Have now installed a Riello G10 burner which fitted the boiler mountings with no trouble at all, (it was designed for this burner). I obtained it from our local central heating merchant, who had one in stock and it comes tested and calibrated to give approx 70 Kw of heat with a 2.0 gal/hour nozzle and fuel pressure and air balance already adjusted. I run it on 28 second central heating oil at 70p/litre (quite legal) and had an exta load delivered into a 45 gall oil drum next to where I keep the car. I am trying to get it to deliver through an old garage forecourt pump, the wind handle type, to get into that era. This burner seems quieter and burns with no detectable smoke at all, (I had the local heating maintenance man test the exhaust with his equipment and we made slight adjustments to the air balance to get the emmissions down to the minimum possible).


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