pressure switch bounce and new pcb

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pressure switch bounce and new pcb

Post  Skippy on Tue 05 Aug 2008, 12:40 pm

For all you UK people I have tried a new micro switch in my boiler. It a easy mod just drill out the rivets fit new switch with two new m3 bolts and change the crimps to 1/4 wide ones. The hysterias has improved my boiler cuts out at 225 psi and back in at 190 now. With the new debouce circuit install after the stitch it all seams ok now. I made a small circuit that delays the inverter to turn off for 1 second this has stop my inverter going into a red light fault when driving it a round and you hit a bump. I found that the inverter switched off and on again quickly putting the inverter into a red light fault. This just cover up the debounce for 1 second I will be trying it out in the next week at a wedding and will report back.

If any one wants one of the new switch for £6.00 I will put one in the post with two m3 bolts and nuts and two crimps. Just give me a call 0777 3324238

If people are interested and give me some feed back would any one what a new control PCB. I have look at the turret fault. The leds cut out then come back on again I think the pull up resistor are wrong. As the voltage is just below 2.5 volts at the turret and logic changes at 2.4 to 2.6 from a high two low so when the water changes in density the voltage go to around 2.65 across the sensors and the leds go off.

The new PCB that Iím making at least one for my self. Will have a new circuit PCB negative ground to frame. Fix the led fault for water tank and turret. Time delay for inverter cut out. Drop the voltage for the top led for battery two stay on when full. On mine it only on when on a battery chargers then goes off when disconnected.


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Pressure Switch Bounce.

Post  TB on Wed 06 Aug 2008, 12:02 am

Thanks Skippy for the info on the burner cutting in and out when at full pressure. I'm a;so going to try mounting the pressure switch upside down or on its side as it's the upward bounce that seems to affect it and the downward force is only due to gravity. Will post the results.


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Re: pressure switch bounce and new pcb

Post  WWayman on Fri 08 Aug 2008, 9:03 am

I am using 47K pullup resistors. 7.5K is too low.
I too rebuilt the circuit.

Bill Wayman


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