A Burrel for Australia - Now All I Need is a Boiler!

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A Burrel for Australia - Now All I Need is a Boiler!

Post  Rodd Perrin on Sat 17 Apr 2010, 11:02 pm

Hi All,

I have a set of kits for the 4" Burrell winging their way down to Australia which should arrive early May. Unfortunately, the boiler offered as part of the build does not comply with the Australian model boiler codes (so I did not purchase this part). As boilers are kind of useful in steam vehicles Rolling Eyes, I need to make one that is compliant to the code.

Consequently, I am keen to make contact with anyone in Australia that may have already designed a boiler to meet the Australian model boiler codes or who are in the process of designing a compliant boiler. The idea being that I don't want to reinvent the design if someone has already done it (and we can come to some arrangement regarding access to the design) or get together with someone in the same situation as two or more heads working on the problem would no doubt make it easier.

Thanks for a great forum and I cannot wait to start my build (which will be my first traction engine Very Happy )


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