Pickering Traction Engine Rally

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Pickering Traction Engine Rally

Post  greystones on Mon 04 Aug 2008, 8:26 pm

Hi I just wanted to say thanks for our meeting at Pickering it was nice to see you both and be reassured at the posution I and many others find ourselfs in now that ModelWorks has folded. If commitment is any thing to go by after the storm we had on Thursday night with the Rally field totally flooded on Friday morning it was nice to see you didnt go home!!!! Steve and Deans trips round Arena 3 with the Hornsby and the Burrell with the kids went down really well. Good luck to you with the currant financial situation we all find that we are in. Lets just hope that builders will be patient and not push you both to much so thay quallity is compromised. I for one would rather wait a bit longer and be sure that you can continue to trade and supply the rest of the kits. You have a good product All the best Mike

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