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Post  chrisnchrisroberts on Sun 04 Apr 2010, 6:28 am

Some of you have been having trouble with your water pumps and if mine is anything to go by it is no wonder. When I took the pump body out of its packet, the thread that the bypass valve nut fits onto was damaged. Looked like it had been dropped. I had to machine that out. The countersunk screw was so short it did not even protrude through the hole in the ram, let alone engage with the ram bush. So I made a new screw. Then I fitted the “O” to the bypass shaft. Now there was no way that shaft was now going to fit in the pump body. Then the instructions say to fit graphite yarn to the valve spindle and put the nut on. Why have an “O” ring and graphite yarn? So it has gone together without the “O” ring. If it leaks I’ll fix it then. Anybody else had these problems? It also took me 8 Hours to get rid of the tight spot on the gear train. I set the gear train up first, then fitted the bearing housings for the crankshaft. The crankshaft and its bearings are the only items that can be adjusted. All turns smoothly now. Chris


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