2" Burrell in Steam at the Factory

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2" Burrell in Steam at the Factory

Post  Steam Traction World on Mon 08 Feb 2010, 11:48 am

Hi All,

Here's 'not so Big Al's' engine in steam at the factory last week. Bit dark in places but hopefully good enough to enjoy.

Congratulation Al on a job well done.

All the best


Building up nicely:

Safeties going off:

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Re: 2" Burrell in Steam at the Factory

Post  LilyJack on Mon 08 Feb 2010, 2:38 pm

I know we're not supposed to swear on here but Al', that looks the dogs nuts mate!!
Real nice job Smile

LilyJack Cool


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Re: 2" Burrell in Steam at the Factory

Post  Big Al on Wed 10 Feb 2010, 7:06 pm

Thanks for your comments Gents and all at STW for their support, mostly verbal abuse, whilst they were supping beer in the warm factory! with the exception of Ian

The most frightening thing was when they all left me alone waiting for the pressure to build up to test the safety valve, when it did got off it near frightened me to bloody death, steam and hissing like a banshee warrior !

Treat yourself to a box of Halfords disposable gloves as it will protect you against steam, boiling water and heat to some degree and keep your pinkies clean! You also look as if you are about to carry out an examination on someone so they keep their distance Smile (except Dean who smiled when I put them on)

It really is does give a feeling of satisfaction when you see it running under its own steam, I didn't have the steering connected up so couldn't drive it around the car park Very Happy

A word of warning to all of you who have prepared pristine, highly polished models, dont bother, after I got it home I spend ages cleaning the grease, oil, clinker, coal dust, water stains, and other foriegn bits that clung to the engine, still can't get it all off as some areas are totally inaccesible not to mention the discolouration of all the shiney brass bits like chimney ring, safety valve tops that were lovingly polished, nightmare to clean without strippping at all down Crying or Very sad

On the subject of coal, Steve's advice in the instructions was to use anthracite, when I spoke to him he admitted he knew bugger all about small engines and Ian suggested using charcoal to get it going, then adding a mix of household coal and charcoal to build the fire up. The fire can be filled almost level to the firebox door. Charcoal burns clean and leaves very little ash, and the household coal takes a lot less time to catch than anthracite. When you get a good fire just use household coal.

Only if you want a very hot fire, ie to get up a hill and need lots of steam quick, do you need to use anthracite as it burns very hot but is a bugger to get going (anyone want a 3/4 bag of anthracite cheap?)

Those of you that are reading this and thinking about starting, stop thinking and get your order in. I had no previous experience of engineering except what I learned at school, many moons ago. but found the built very satisfying, time consuming, fiddly, frustrating and rewarding and STW staff always very willing to help. See you all at the STW rally (when Dean sorts it out)



Big Al

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Re: 2" Burrell in Steam at the Factory

Post  northburrell on Wed 10 Feb 2010, 7:44 pm

It's looks great sitting there steaming away.. your right they are dirty machines but thats how I like em!!! Very Happy

Coal wise here is what I do to get my loco's steamed up.. It might help it might not!!

fill the boiler with water to the top of the glass.. this will come down while making steam so make sure you have enough in the boiler untill you have steam to add more with the pump or injector.. both need steam to do this..
add a couple of shovels of anthracite to the bottom of the fire box (its burns hotter and might take a while to catch but seams to last longer and makes more steam)
Add some parafine soaked wood or charcoal up to the bottom of the fire hole then add one more shovel of anthatcite to the top. you should try and make the anthacite as small as possible without falling through the grate. this helps it catch when getting the fire going.. my lumps are about the size of two peas!! Roll on the jokes there!!!
add you fan to the chimney.
piece of wood on the shovel.
light the wood.
stick it in the firebox.
woof! it goes up in flames.
start the fan.
shut the fire doors so the air draws through the grate.
stand and wait but watch and listen to what is going on..
add some more wood if needed but I just tend to add anthacite. it'll catch fire pretty quickly if it's made small enough.
once 10-20 psi on the gauge turn the fan off and open the blower. this will make the fire roar..
add more coal while the gauge rises.
add some water if needed.
more coal.
more coal.
80-90psi close the blower and go for a run.. happy days... add more coal and water when needed.. it's important to make sure the fire is even. so make sure there is no holes in the fire or it is thin at one end of the firebox. it's hard to see down to the front of the firebox but sling coal as far forward as you can when firing..
I tend to go round the firebox like so.

Shovel to the front.
shovel to each side.
shovel to the back and corners.
couple to the centre.
Then repeat if needed. makes for an even and hole free fire...

this seams to work fine for all my models.. I use anthacite in 1" minnie traction engine and have no problems with it.. just make sure you layer the fire well when lighting it.. coal, wood, coal,wood etc....



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Re: 2" Burrell in Steam at the Factory

Post  hughb on Thu 11 Feb 2010, 8:38 pm

Lovely job WELL DONE Very Happy Very Happy

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Re: 2" Burrell in Steam at the Factory

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