Latest News 16/07/2008

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Latest News 16/07/2008

Post  Steam Traction World on Wed 16 Jul 2008, 6:38 pm

Hi All,

Just another quick update in to how things are coming along.

Staff: We now have firm commitments from the three members of staff we were looking to recruit. A boiler maker, a CNC machinist and an admin/office person who will all be joining us officially from the beginning of August. All being well this means that we will be in the position to start some sort of kit manufacture during August with a view to kit despatching some kits at the end of that month. Another step in the right direction in our view.

Website: Hopefully everyone will have noticed the website by now and we hope you agree it is a vast improvement on anything previously attempted. We have just recently added a online shop where people can purchase parts for our range of models. All the parts available are fully machined but can be bought on an individual, when needed basis. This we hope will broaden our customer range to those who can not afford to purchase a kit every month so they can build and buy when it suits them. Obviously building this way works out more expensive in the long run but it does give everyone the opportunity to join the hobby. The online shop also gives our regular monthly build customers the chance to purchase any spares that are available for their engines without having the hassle of having to call and explain what they need.
It is still our intention to have a regular customer base who purchase kits a monthly basis but we do intend to try to balance the kit contents so the monthly fee reflects what's in the box. Customers who pay monthly will generally save themselves a substantial amount and they also will have the assurity that a kit is gauranteed to be manufactured for them without the worry of whether there are any stock left on the shelf. The online shop prices will also be prone to inflation/metal market increases where the monthly build customers price will be stable from the time ordered. You will see from the online shop that complete kits can be purchased, the price of these kits are generally more expensive than a regular monthly builder would pay reflecting the individual part prices.

Machinery: A machine maintenence engineer will be spending next week, stripping and servicing the four CNC machines we have purchased prior to production commencing.

Sourcing: An agreement has been reached today (and a cheque handed over Crying or Very sad ) with our Likamobile hub supplier and Burrell casting supplier for the goods to be shipped within the next two weeks. Again a huge step forward for us.

I hope this gives everyone some encouragement that we are moving forward (albeit slowly).

All the best

Dean & Steve.

Steam Traction World

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Latest News

Post  Wurzel on Thu 17 Jul 2008, 12:25 pm

Hi Dean & Steve,

It's great to hear of your positive news. bounce I would also like to thank your 3 new staff members for their commitment to what I am sure will be an enterprising and successful business.

I should imagine the Likeamobile builders are relieved on the news of a supply of hubs to be made in the near future, as well as the Burrell builders with their grates.

More power to your elbows, and nose's to the grindstone etc.




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