Working waterpumps?

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Working waterpumps?

Post  TonyT on Fri 13 Nov 2009, 3:14 pm

Hi all

I've had our waterpump working whilst the engine was in steam a couple of weeks ago.I only had 50psi on the gauge,this was because of leaks on the steamhead,but the pump worked fine.The tender was full when I started and about a quarter left at the end of steaming and running.I didn't have any flex problems like Northburrell suggested might happen,but then I didn't have that much pressure in the boiler.All in all I was quite happy with its performance.

I am going to have another go at steaming this weekend to check I've cured all the leaks.If I have cured the leaks I will build the pressure up above 50psi to 75psi and give the pump a go then.

I'll let you all know how I get on.

cheer's Tony Cool

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Re: Working waterpumps?

Post  northburrell on Fri 13 Nov 2009, 6:28 pm

Hi Tony,

I use PTFE tape on all steam or water joints and they never leak unless not done up enough..

the pump might throb a little bit. i've not tested mine but i've seen this on some other traction engines and it seams quit common.. it might not happen at all tho.

I would be mindfull how far you take the pressure without an injector hooked up.. as (now im not saying this will happen but) you could find that the pump wont keep up and drop the pressure enough or get water in quickly if needed in and emergency.. injectors tend to be allot faster and allot more effective at getting water in, and it's even faster when combined with the pump... when running the engine you will find that playing with the bypass on the pump to get a steady feed will be needed, and you will find a setting were it's adding water but is still steaming and making pressure at the same time.. it's all about playing with it really and saves putting the pump on and off all the time.. the same for at idle and ticking over you'll be able to find a setting that keeps both topped up nicley.. meaning you can go get a nice beer.. or maybe not whats the laws for drunk and in charge of a model steam engine!!! I'd like to see that on Stop Police Action! or whatever it's called : )

Glad there's one in steam tho keep us posted... i'm taking my engine apart to send back the crank etc.. i've given up trying to fit the bloody gears and will let STW sort it out..




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