Burner mounting

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Burner mounting

Post  dave granger on Wed 16 Jul 2008, 4:04 pm

Having read of Skippy's mishaps, he and perhaps others of you might be interested to know of my solution. In the main casting of the burner body is a square hole running for and aft right through the casting, bottom right if viewed from the back. I assumed this was for 'taking the weight' as the boiler fitter slid the burner into position along a half-inch square rod fitted to the boiler ? Anyway, I decided to fit such a rod to my Lika to help deal with the loadings the bumps and pot-holes of our wonderful road network would impart.
The right-hand pair of the flange bolts can be used to also hold the bracketry to which you have bolted/welded the aforementioned rod. The final belt to go with the braces is to drill the rod for a split-pin at its outer end, fitting the pin after the burner is in place, hopefully keeping the burner there even if/when the pinch bolts vibrate loose.

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