Warning when using car

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Warning when using car

Post  Skippy on Mon 14 Jul 2008, 11:12 pm

Hellos all, got my car on the road today and passed through the DVLA
test in Birmingham today. They used my boiler number as the frame number
and they took all of 5 minutes and that was that. It's now got a new
rear square 08 plate on it.


Any how I got about 10 miles on the clock when it started smoking
bad. I stopped when some one started honking at me. I had a look to
find fire coming out from under the car from the exhaust. So I stop
start away and had a look what was wrong. This is what happed the
Chinese burner on the back of the boiler snapped off at the flue where
it bolts into the flange plate. The air was going into it a bit so it
keep pumping in diesel but their was not enough air to make it burn
all the fuel up. I was lucky some one else may not be. I had my 3
year old son on at the time and it was some one from behind that
started honking their horn that stop me? I now have all the wiring
melted to my turret sensors and fuel sensor. Plus some of the paint
darkened because of this. Now I have to sort out the burner again I
think I'm going to throw it now and go and buy some better as it's
been most of my problems to now. With all the electrics playing up.

After getting home by pushing it the last half mile I found the
linkage on the end of the crank pin has come lose. I now have 20 deg
of movement on the square. I'm looking at making all new linkages
with a beef up crank pin and bearings in the linkage instead of
needles roller as they are quite flogged after only about 15 miles so
far. I'm off the see steve tomorrow about some other work and will
have a talk with him if their is another way of doing it or different
timing arrangement as many people I have talk to have said the same
thing that their car run better in reverse then forward.

More money out of my pocket again as we all doesn't have any warranty


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