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STW production

Post  Vapor on Thu 08 Oct 2009, 8:23 am

Gents can someone in admin update the STW Production schedules as these have not been visited since 1st July which is over 3 months as I feel sure everybody would like to know (including me) whats been going on other the few tasty soundbites from "Miller"

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Re: STW production

Post  miller on Sat 10 Oct 2009, 8:47 am

OK, vapor. yes your right, it has gone a bit slack lately Embarassed I'll get some more stuff for you next week.

to give you a quick idea of what we have been doing, a lot of work has been done on the 2inch burrel kit 22 this week, but NOT on the machines. 95% of the work force has been working on the many manual and packing tasks needed to get this kit in the boxes and the good news is, it is now ready to go cheers

most of the 4inch burrel kit 20 was bought in parts and only a few small tasks, like drilling holes in laser cut parts, were needed on the machines. these are all done. again a few manual tasks need completing and " I think" this is the priority for next week.

around 8 boilers have been machined over the last two weeks and i think these are waiting to be "signed off"

at the moment the CNC machines are working on the likamobile modification kits, but I've been in there on my own for most of this week.

i will get some more stuff for you next week, promise Cool

once we start making the driving trucks, the showman's and the new fodens, the productions guides will start to flow a bit better as it will be good to see things right from the very start.

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