Missing from home

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Mixed Emotions

Post  Simon C on Sun 30 Sep 2018, 11:24 am

I managed to put her bum on last night using lots of swear words on the way and as little brute force as required to get the job done without scratching the paint, not easy but very rewarding. Good luck to those in roller world who haven't done this yet.
It may help to note that the M3 hex bolt in the very front of the left hand tender beading will need to be swapped to a countersunk one. I had one leftover from some wear. (one for the snagging list Ian)

First job of the morning get her of the blocks and back on her wheels, with the crane now feeling the strain a little down she came no drama.
and the result:-
" />
Now for the mixed emotions part, towing hitch height, just to check the theory can the bowser be setup to tow nicely behind both a roller and a showman's
Lynn said she has put 15MM on the high to get it level for Crystal but if that is the way that I go then it would be even worse than it is behind the my roller, Hmmmm! see the dilemma.
One coffee later and some head scratching and I think I shall go with Lynn on this one 15MM it is, and come up with an alternative for carrying the extra water.
Simon C

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Re: Missing from home

Post  lynnr on Sun 30 Sep 2018, 1:36 pm


Remember to use the spring supplied under the tow bar. It holds the tow hitch up under the top of the tender hitch. This will correct a lot of the nose down attitude.

Also add 8 Gallon of water and a season on the springs she will sag a bit.

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