Steam Traction Worlds Celebrity Customer!

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Steam Traction Worlds Celebrity Customer!

Post  Steam Traction World on Tue 16 May 2017, 9:19 am

Any of our customers watch Bear Grylls 'The Island'?

This is where a number of people are dropped on an island and left to survive. Series 6 (i think it's series 6) has just finished and was probably the toughest of all so far as the Island had it's worst storm for over 20 years (not like the storms in the UK i assure you) leaving conditions impossible.

Our very own 6" Foden customer Frank Rothwell was one of the contestants. Those who've met Frank will know he's a larger than life character and an absolute gem of a fella, who's done loads of extreme things from climbing Kilimanjaro through to sailing round the world and being the only man to travel 32,000 around the whole of America (his wife, Judith must have the patience of a saint). The first time he visited us he turned up to the factory on a three wheel bright yellow trike (which he's been all over the world on) with his wife on the back, had a look round and ordered a 6" Foden. This is now completed (apart from livery) with a photo below.

On the show Frank said The Island was his hardest challenge to date........So the real question is.......What?? Even harder than the 6" Foden? Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Shocked


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