Tube plate washout plug

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Tube plate washout plug

Post  chas12154 on Sun 16 Apr 2017, 5:42 pm

Hi all another question for you builders out there.
I have today fitted my foundation ring washout plugs and tube plate plug, I could only get the tube plate plug 2 thirds of the way in. I had a socket on it but when the plug screwed in the socket hit the blots holding the smokebox on. I couldn't get a spanner on the plug due to lack of room in smokebox. How did you get over this problem or did you only screw the plug in the same as I have?
Any help or advise would be welcome.



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Re: Tube plate washout plug

Post  Mike King on Sun 16 Apr 2017, 6:16 pm

Ive had this issue. The only way I could do it, was to take out the top two smokebox bolts. Once you have the plug in, you'll then find that you will have to shorten the two smokebox rivet bolts. I dont really know why tis plug couldnt have come with the boiler kit, but thats life I guess. You'll find in following kits, you'll end up taking bits off, to give clearance and working space for new bits. My wife thought I'd developed tourettes on the last couple of kits!!

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