For Sale - 4" Scale Hornsby Track Engine - A beast at over 1.5 tonnes - NOW SOLD!

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For Sale - 4" Scale Hornsby Track Engine - A beast at over 1.5 tonnes - NOW SOLD!

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Hi All,

Although previously advertised, we haven't been pushing it, Steve is still looking to sell his Crawler. After completing the steam car a couple of seasons back he has reached the age where he wants to travel in style with clean coal free hands!  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy He is also conscious it isn't out and about being appreciated by others as he's just too busy wth other interests and the business.

For those not familiar with it here's a briefing:

Hornsby Foster 4" Scale (one third)......although 4" scale it is the biggest 4" engine ever built and is more like the size of a 6" Devonshire.
Weight of around 1.5 tonne empty - 1.75 tonne when loaded.
Time to build engine: 10,000 hours over 12 years
Comes complete with FOUR wagons. These are also huge.
Times to build wagons: 2,000 hours over two years
Unique......the FIRST AND ONLY 4" scale replica of the full size engine that was used to pull coal during the Gold Rush in 1910. The full size engine weight 40 tonne!!
8 speed.....4 on engine.....slow through to very very very slow
Award winner....won awards at almost every show/rally/event entered
Acclaimed by many of the experts as the best miniature EVER built.
Almost guaranteed to get you in any show and is certain to draw a crowd and make you the talk of every show.

Loads of photo's and video's available on the net by searching 'Steve Baldock Hornsby Foster'. Also available to view/see in steam for yourself at the factory.

Engine will come with a new steam ticket.
Recently had a new 10 year hydraulic certificate on the boiler.

Asking price....Was originally up for 60k and reduced to 52.5k. NOW ACCEPTING SENSIBLE OFFERS. Had an offer last week but didn't quite reach the amount he was looking for.

Even if you value the wagons at 4k each you'd be getting a one of a kind magnificently engineered machine for just over 35k and that's just the cost of a common old 4" Showmans

Please email or call us on 01327 301030 for further information or if you are interested.

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