Latest News On Production For New Lycamobile

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Latest News On Production For New Lycamobile

Post  Goliewogs on Fri 08 Jul 2016, 6:49 am

Spoke to Dean the other day re the above topic, and this is what he had to say via email. So, I thought I would share it with everyone else!!

"Yes, July is almost here. We arent quite ready yet. A burner has been purchased and a boiler is all ready to go, we are just waiting for one of our fabricators to finish welding the ducting. Once he has finished this we are just going to prove we are happy with the new design by putting it in steam and it will be all systems go. Id like to think the fabricator completed his bit by the end of this week. Steve is on holiday next week so well then test it as soon as he returns. Once proven we will then write to everyone.

Regarding the balance of the deposit payments, we will only invoice everyone for this once we can give an exact start/delivery date of the first kit. Our normal practice is to send one kit per month (as that is how we manufacture them). If you want kits sending as multiples, to save on the shipping cost, you would need to continue to pay for them monthly but we would store them here until a few were ready and then despatch them."



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