Easier Way of fitting tyres

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Easier Way of fitting tyres

Post  T140 on Sat 07 Mar 2015, 6:08 pm


I did try one fitting with the tyre levers only, but it was too much of a struggle for my liking. November I managed to really damage my shoulder after stepping on my dogs toy at the top of the stairs, you can work the rest out but it meant hospital and steroids. Anyway I had time to think and sketch a better solution.

I have just come in from the garden as it's a lovely warm day today, the tyre was fitted in under 10 minutes, minimal cleaning up, very little effort needed and I used the tried and tested Isoflex stuff.

The dry run can be done anyway you fancy, sweat and tears with the levers or the flower pot method explained else where on  the forum. I had left the tyres on dry for a few weeks as I have been waiting for warmer weather. I happened to have piece of 22mm ply around 400mm square lying about and also found a 22mm chip board sheet around 800mm square. Also one 250mm 10mm bolt, washers and nuts.

I hope I have attached photographs which explain the solution better, but cut from the 22mm ply 10 x L shaped blocks, one side is tapered by 5 degrees, there is a notch cut in that side to take the wheel rim. On the board drill the centre for the bolt which will be used to hold the wheel steady. Screw one block down, with glue too. Engage the rime of the wheel into the notch, then glue and screw the opposite one. Work your way around the whole wheel being careful to make sure the blocks are between the spoke ends. Leave to dry.

Assuming the tyre is on the wheel, bolt the hub down onto your board, indexing onto the blocks. The slowly work the tyre down the rime with a heavy hammer and a wooden block. Eventually the tyre will be off and almost on the board, leave a little gap for the levers. Next undo the wheel and prime the tyre and rim, then when tacky apply the glue as instructed. Next get one tyre lever and a broad screw driver, because the tyre is now not round but a circle of many straight edges. Lever the tyre up and slide the screwdriver into the space between wedges and just help the tyre on. Just keep going sliding the tyre on. Once the tyre is on grip the tyre and twist it right or left by 25mm, this gets glue onto the spots where the wedges were. Un-bolt and clean up.

Ok it took me just over an hour with my chop/table saw to make the wedges and glue to a board, but the total cost was pretty much nothing.

If you got the time give it a go.


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