Burrell 4" Agric - Kit 20

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Burrell 4" Agric - Kit 20

Post  augustrock on Tue 18 Feb 2014, 5:15 pm

The assembly instructions for this kit says you will have to remove the differential assembly before you can mount the Crankshaft gear guard due to an error in manufacture.

I have used a much easier way. Drill out the three left hand holes in the vertical guard plate, and one end of each guide B42034 and one on each spacer BU42036/7 to 6mm. The top two holes can be then used with 6mm bolts into the threaded holes in the horn plate, ( as originally intended). The bottom hole then needs to be slotted from the hole to the bottom edge of the guard plate. The guard will then slip down vertically over the bolt which sticks through the tender side, as put in when we did the differential kit. The slot is then covered by a washer and nobody is the wiser!

The instructions also ask us to turn the flywheel. We have not had one!!



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Re: Burrell 4" Agric - Kit 20

Post  lofty on Wed 19 Feb 2014, 10:35 am

I have done the same, made a slot for m6 bolt in bottom hole of gear guard, but 2 upper holes in horn plates are threaded m5, so have used m5 bolts as supplied.
PS I think thread should be in Burrell 4".


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