message for all customers waiting for the cylinder block

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message for all customers waiting for the cylinder block

Post  craig@STW on Fri 18 Oct 2013, 7:36 pm

OK, a quick message for all those expecting/receiving the blocks. there has been a small mistake on the large blanking plate supplied with the blocks, i think its called the transfer chest plate or something like that. it would seem that four of the holes have been drilled 1mm out of position and will need to be opened out with a file so the bolts will fit. if your not happy doing this please return it too us and we will provide you with a "fixed" one. this is totally my fault, sorry Embarassed 

also the O-ring provided is the wrong size (not my fault Razz  ) and a replacement will be sent out next week.

and the blocks/kits still at the factory will have this sorted before they leave.

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