Tyres coming off

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Tyres coming off

Post  Big Shaun on Sun 22 Mar 2009, 8:40 pm

Just loged in,

Tyres coming off No

I have noticed that the right hand rear tyres are moving, upone inspection the tyre was only party glued on, and you cud lift the rubber up and put three match sticks in the hole. between the rubber and the rim, even if the glue filed the tyre should me tight on the rim?

up on take the tyre off to reglue i was amazed. the tyre is only 1 inch small than the rim i was told that the tyre should be 3inch small than the rim by fellow engine owners (not kit built). has the rubber got longer?

As most on my running is on road whot should i do? Rolling Eyes

Make tyre smaller?
Reglue and forget?

Thanks shaun

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Re: Tyres coming off

Post  Steam Traction World on Mon 23 Mar 2009, 8:11 am

Hi Shaun,

It sounds like the rubber has stretched over time. The best think to do is takes the tyre off, clean up both surfaces, recut the rubber to shorten the length and reglue. It's best to do this with the rubber warm so you can put the maximum stretch possible on it.

Alternatively you can send us your rear wheels and we will take them to be vulcanised. To do this they would require all tyres stripping and rims cleaning back to the metal. The option is far better as the tyres will then never come off, however the downside is that the paint on the wheels will be destroyed so you will need to repaint. Cost of this is 411.25.



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