Likamobile pre-heater.

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Likamobile pre-heater.

Post  augustrock on Thu 22 Aug 2013, 5:37 pm

I have fitted a water pre-heater to my Likamobile hopefully to reduce the warm up time when first going out with cold water in the tanks. I reckon this to be 3 to 4 miles before full power is available.

It is fitted between the pumps and the right hand clack valve. It consists of three and a half coils of 10mm copper pipe in a shroud below the exhaust of the boiler.

I have done about 30 miles with it and I think there is a slight improvement but in this very hot weather it is difficult to judge; or am I kidding myself?

Any comments? Steve will probably tell me it is a waste of time or only one too big to install would be any good.



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pre heater

Post  jjtjr on Sat 24 Aug 2013, 8:01 pm

A pre heater is an excellent idea, I added one on my car a few years ago. Just one important thing to remember is to plumb it  on the output side of the pumps. This so the pumps always see cold water. If not done, what happens is as the water heats up the pumps will start to pump less water, the reason is when the pumps pulls back to fill themselves, the pressure drops on the water column inside the pump which reduces it boiling temp. and causes  air to be liberated  from the water and the pumps will not pump air. Trust me on this one I found  out the hard way.
If you have ever worked with a vacuum pump and a bell jar you can boil water at room temp.                                  
Yes, it does make a difference the oil burner doesn't cycle as much.  Jake

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