Voltmeter & Ammeter

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Voltmeter & Ammeter

Post  Steam Traction World on Tue 07 May 2013, 8:27 am

Hi All,

You'll be pleased to know that we will be supplying a working volt meter & ammeter with the final kit. Steve did put somewhere on the forum that they were likely to be dummy, however, after weeks of searching and numerous emails i have managed to find something we believe is suitable. The manufacturer has agreed to alter them slightly to show 0-50 Amps and 0-30 Volts which is close enough.



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Re: Voltmeter & Ammeter

Post  lynnr on Tue 07 May 2013, 8:59 am


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Re: Voltmeter & Ammeter

Post  Tony King on Tue 07 May 2013, 11:03 am

I second that................Well done & thanks!! cheers


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Re: Voltmeter & Ammeter

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