Copy of Email Sent to Customers - Banbury Rally

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Copy of Email Sent to Customers - Banbury Rally

Post  Steam Traction World on Mon 08 Apr 2013, 4:32 pm

Hi All

Please find below a copy of the email i have sent out to the email addresses of all customers who's email details we had on file.

This get together is NOT just open to STW owners but anyone who has a STW engine or MW's engine therefore if you know any one who would like to attend then please get them to email me and I will send them the relevant form. Please spread the word about and also to anyone in your club etcwho you know has one of 'our' engines as as the more the merrier in our eyes. Thanks.

Customer Get Together - Banbury Rally – 29th & 30th June 2013.

Dear Customer,

Since a number of engines have now been completed, Steam Traction World are hoping this year to try and organise a customer get together. This will give old and new customers a chance to put a face to a name, discuss their experiences and show everyone how their engine looks either as a finished project or as a work in progress.

If enough customers are interested in making this happen then it is our intention to have a gathering as part of the Banbury rally on 29th and 30th of June.

We have spoken to the organisers of the above rally and they are more than happy to try and accommodate us, however they do need to know some approximate numbers so they can allocate an area for us.

We are hoping that as many customers as possible are able to come, preferably bringing with them their engine as this would make a superb miniature collection and a memorable photograph for the wall of the factory.

During the weekend STW does intend to have it’s ‘normal’ show stand where we will more than likely have a number of refreshments (alcoholic and otherwise) with the possibility of also doing either a ‘road run’ or BBQ on the Saturday evening.

Please find enclosed a form (attached if sent by email) that you will need to fill in and return to us as a matter of urgency so we can let the organisers know how many engines and their owners we will require space for. Even if you are unable to make it due to distance/inconvenient date etc then could we politely ask you to fill the form in and return it to us just so we can 100% rule you out.

Many thanks

Hopefully see you at Banbury.

Dean, Steve & All at Steam Traction World.

Steam Traction World

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Re: Copy of Email Sent to Customers - Banbury Rally

Post  chrisnchrisroberts on Mon 08 Apr 2013, 10:34 pm

I would like to thank Dean and Steve for this invite. Being 20,000km away and not having the time or the funds to attend, I trust you all have a good time. Chris


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