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Likamobile Mods

Post  TB on Fri 20 Jun 2008, 6:31 pm

Having completed my Lika, with many thanks to Steve for his help and support, I have made the following modifications:-
Converted the burner to run on paraffin (kerosine), using a 1.75gal/hour nozzle, fuel pressure 160psi. This burns much cleaner, is cheaper than diesel and has a higher calorific value.
Fitted drain valves to top and bottom of both cylinders as I was having trouble with hydraulic lock from condensed steam when starting off from cold.
Fitted an air bottle into the boiler feed line as the pulses from the feed pumps were causing the flexible feed pipe to loosen from its fittings. This cushions out the pulses from incompressible water. and I have had no trouble with this since.
Moved the light sensor in the burner as far back away from the flame as possible as it was beginning to melt. Clean it regularly.
Fitted a 600 watt inverter as the 300 watt one supplied kept cutting out.
Fitted mudguards (for appearance).
The car has done quite as lot of miles now and has turned out to be very reliable and great fun to drive. When road taxing it I found Chelmsford DVLA to be very helpful and almost enthusiastic, the only problem being that they wanted to see the serial number stamped on the boiler. I couldn't find it, it would have meant taking half of the car apart, but some borrowed number stamps sorted that out.
Good luck to all who are building the Lika.
Tony B.


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Lika mods.

Post  dave granger on Sun 22 Jun 2008, 10:39 am

Hi Tony,

I was very interested to read of your conversion to parafin and your fitting of mudguards. I have toyed with the idea of both, even though my Lika is as yet unfinished and wheelless. As I progress I have fitted wheel operated steering, working and damped suspension, a greater mechanical advantage to the brakes, and of course many minor mods.which I am sure we all make.

My ignorance of the law concerning use of differing fuels in our machines leaves me wondering whether H.M.Revenue and Customs might take an interest! Please explain the fuel question and 'post' a photo' of your mudguards. I would be much obliged, I expect others would be too.

In case the answer to the fuel question is best whispered, my e-mail address is

Dave Granger

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