Bit of house keeping

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Bit of house keeping

Post  highpressure on Sat 05 Jan 2013, 5:32 pm

New Year etc tidy up in the garage after taking down the decs I finally got around to fitting the last oiler for the govenor and the centre of the handle on the steering wheel and also tackled the starting valve, Basically took it off and hit the ball into the seat to make it seal better, than reattached and lit a fire with the LP valve cover off to see if it let by.

Initally it went mad with loads of steam and water coming out but that turned out to be the fact that the rod is slightly too long and was holding the pin onto the valve. Once I'd just trimmed a few mill off either end it sealed and then refitted the cover and went for a drive. Certainly helped to get the engine going when stationary, crank still needs to be in the right place but I am so used to using the fly wheel to rotate it to get going I need to adjust my technique.

On another note my Windermere kettle is almost complete, I have assmebled all the pieces just need a couple of bits to finalise and solder up a few bits.

Need to get better weather now as I am itching to get going... looking at booking the first rallies, anyone thinking of going to the MacAlipne do at Fawley Hill mid May???

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