Burrell Showman's Kit 30B

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Burrell Showman's Kit 30B

Post  Steam Traction World on Fri 30 Nov 2012, 4:47 pm

Hi Showman's builders,

Thank you for your patience.

Hopefully you will have read my earlier post letting you know that Kit 30A should be despatched next week. We are working our way through Kit 30B for you guys/girls but are still in the prototype stage.

Although it's subject to change thoughts currently are that Kit 30B will consist of:

Roof Supports (Steel work) and all the twisted brass.

This is NO where near as straight forward as the R/L equivalent. Firstly we only have ONE control model for both engines so until the R/L roof was finalised we couldn't actually fit anything for the Showman's or prove it out. Even just to send out the above items out we will need to complete a roof to be certain it all fits.

One of the problems we have encountered is the supply of the twisted brass. When we started the engine we were initially told by our supplier it wasn't an issue to get, however when trying to order it, it then became almost impossible to obtain. We even spoke to Live Steam Models to see if they could assist and they said they would be able to get it to then ring back and say it wasn't available any longer.
One alternative we tried was to manufacture it ourselves. This did not prove very successful so we continued the search and have since found somewhere with some stock available as used on the majority of miniature engines you see rallying. After receiving a sample and comparing it to Ex Mayor we felt the twist wasn't tight enough and actually twisted in the wrong direction.
The above option might be the ONLY option (that's why its all you see out and about) however before placing the order we are waiting to hear back from a someone else who may be able to twist it tighter and in the opposite direction.

If we end up purchasing the already formed lengths there is a slim possibility we could despatch this kit before we break up for Christmas, however if it has to be specially manufactured then the lead time is 5 weeks minimum.

I will know more on Monday or Tuesday and I will update you all then.

A further update on Kit 31 and 32 will be added either tomorrow or Monday (as I'm trying to type quickly as I have a prior arrangement tonight i need to be at)

Have a great weekend.


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