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Cylinder Fitting

Post  northburrell on Tue 17 Feb 2009, 3:29 pm

Hi all

I fitted my cylinder and found a few problems nothing major though...

when adding the paste to the gaskets and cylinder dont put too much were the steam outlet of the boiler is to the cylinder, and the same for the cylinder.. allot of that goo oozes out and you can take it off the outside of the cylinder but you wont be able to get any ooz out of the steam outlet and you wont want that goo getting up into your cylinder.. i'm not sure how much damage it might do, if any but it does feel like it has some sort of grit in it so be on the safe side and leave a good 1/8th gap or more round the edge...

cylinder went on very well. the only thing that i noticed when trial fitting it was to start at number one stud would not work for me as i could not get the stud in under the slide bar, i have fitted the rear cylinder cover for good and I didnt want to remove it so i started with this stud as number one stud.. (the stud is number 5 on the drawing i think) dropped the cylinder on the studs then lift it up slightly in order to get the nut on past the nut and stud holding the rear cover on in that location.. drop back down and tighten them up, then proceed with the rest in the way the instructions say...

I found when trial fitting that the gasket holes for the studs were a little small to fit over the protruding captive nuts in the boiler.. after trail fitting and taking the cylinder off the gasket had been conpressed around the holes by the captive nuts... in order to make it sit a little better I used a leather hole punch to nibble out were had been compressed making the holes a little bigger, this made fitting the cylinder for real allot better..

my cylinder is on, valve gear is all running free, Now i'm on a painting mission with the horn plates and the cladding... I'm not going to be cutting up my cladding as i dont see the point in it... these are working models they will get scrached and damaged but it's all part of there character at the end of the day... you only have to look a Julia's picture of hers at a rally and you will see it wont be nice a new looking for long...




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