Coal, does anyone want to share a delivery

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Coal, does anyone want to share a delivery

Post  highpressure on Sun 30 Sep 2012, 1:17 am

Having used various types of coal over the last few years from what looks like road tar when its alight through Polish to Welsh Dry Steam I have decided that I want to run on Welsh. After a weekend of running with the other stuff I am usually coughing like a tramp for a few days with what I have called "traction engine throat" but having used Welsh for almost all the runs this year, not only does it have no smoke at all (very good for running at home and NOT p*ssing the neighbours off) but it smells great and doesnt give you a smokers cough.

I can get a delivery of 1 tonne (40 bags ) for 299 which is about 7.50 a bag. Bit more than I need but would anyone like to go in with me and divide up the bags?? I would really want a minimum of 10 bags so thats 4 of us, but if more say yes then we could get 2 Tonnes. Ideally they need to collect from me in Bognor so really only relatively local people but as I dont know where everyone is based or hiding then give me an indication of who would be interested.

Cheers Kev.


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Re: Coal, does anyone want to share a delivery

Post  Robfishman on Sun 30 Sep 2012, 2:14 am

It's a bit early for me at the moment Kev, but in a year or two would be happy to if your looking for someone.


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