Road legal !

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Road legal !

Post  Rickster on Thu 26 Jul 2012, 8:50 pm

Finally got my RL road registered yesterday at Maidstone DVLA office after much aggro and very unhelpful staff. Spent almost two hours trying to convince them there is no Certificate of Newness issued from STW and how come others have registered with the same info. Spoke to the manager in the end and provided I signed a declaration that all parts were new then I could get a registration.

So I now have a new 12 plate - just the steam test to go which I will arrange when I'me happy with everything. Hopefully I will be able to test the the water pump this weekend with the aim of getting water in and keeping a good fire going to do a dry run with the safeties blowing for 10 minutes.

Fun times ahead are just around the corner!


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