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Voller Organs

Post  highpressure on Sat 14 Apr 2012, 4:04 pm

Having finally got all the components in place I am now in a position to begin making and promoting the organs that I have designed. I have found a supplier who makes a very high quality, quiet fan meaning that I can offer hand cranked or stand alone units. They all use midi SD players so no need for paper rolls and the fan blown version has a mains adaptor meaning it can play indefinately. They would come with a selection of tunes. I will shortly be posting a video of the first finished unit.

Following on from a nice day at Basingstoke model engineers little do, Colin has hinted he would like an organ for the soon to be completed showmans to pull/power, so I am just canvassing interest on here as to wether anyone else would be interested in an organ. I would expect it to be built into a trailer of a suitable dimension to look good behind the engine but also to be transportable. They are most likely to be fan blown and probaly of a larger number of notes ( 42 note scale as opposed to 25 ) which will give much more colour to the music. I havent got a design or price in mind but they would look similar to the larger organ on my youtube which I have built for myself. https://youtu.be/fEWcmT0K_48 This one is a 65 note design so more than I would probably do but the pipes would be arranged in a similar fashion. The deisgn and windchest have imporved since this was made as this is to test theories and components.

I am not going to produce a kit version as there are so many things which need setting up or adjusting and tuning that it wouldnt really be a kit just a set of made pipes and a windchest to place them in, however I am struggling to decide how to decorate them as almost everyone has a different favourite colour or flower or carving etc so that may be the job of the purchaser meaning they can at least be personalised or matched to the engine. I hope to set up a website shortly and a specific youtube channel to showcase the new build, I will post this info as it becomes relevant. If anyone wants to discuss things further my email is kevanddeb@gmail.com

Regards to all, Kev.

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