Reverser and timing

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Reverser and timing

Post  Rickster on Mon 09 Apr 2012, 9:56 am

Hi All,

I seem to have an issue with the valve timing, or more specifically the valve rod hitting the end of the steam chest when the reverser is in full forward position to get the die block within the 0.5mm clearance in the expansion slot.

I have screwed the valve rod in as far as it will into the valve spindle helped increase the clearance but this may mean the timing will be out if the slide valve covers the port when in BDC. Even on TDC there is only about 0.5mm of clearance before the rod hits the end. Is this ok or do I need to grind down the endof the valve rod to give a few more mm's clearance. There isn't lot to be able to take off or the lock nut won't have much thread protruding.

Any ideas most welcome.




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Re: Reverser and timing

Post  highpressure on Mon 09 Apr 2012, 3:27 pm

Hi Rick,

Havent got this far yet as my lever etc is at the platers till next week sometime but thinking about what you describe I would just take the end off the rod if it wont cause any undue issues. I have already ground down the inside edge of the reach rod to avoid it hitting the cleading and am considering just drilling a hole through the bolt that secures it to fit with a split pin so as to avoid the problem of getting a nut on and trying to do it up. Unless STW say otherwise I cant see that mods od this type will have any effect other than to get things in the right place or going together easier.


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