Regulator and Safety Valves

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Regulator and Safety Valves

Post  lynnr on Thu 05 Apr 2012, 1:28 am


Since the latest kit tells us to install the safety valves. I been thinking. Would it be wiser to hold off until the regulator handle assembly arrives as currently the regulator block is not adjusted to the correct length in the cylinder.


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Re: Regulator and Safety Valves

Post  highpressure on Thu 05 Apr 2012, 4:56 am

Seeing we don't have any bolts to hold it down and it's unlikely to take more than 2 minutes to attach it I would say hold on. Besides depending on how you carry out the cold test you may want to get to the regulator and/or try to seal off the safeties ( or remove and replace with a blanking plate ) to hold the pressure in. As I see it there are two ways to stop the safeties from ejecting the cold test water, either a clamp of some description on the outside to keep the poppet valves shut or a blanking plate under or to completely replace the unit. I would go for the second option myself.


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