Bunker extension straps

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Bunker extension straps

Post  IanL on Thu 08 Dec 2011, 12:12 pm

Having just completed construction of my tender and bunker extension I thought I would let you know that the rear two bunker fitting straps the ones with one end curved to fit the tender, the holes did not all line up. The four middle ones were spot on but the two end ones were about half a hole out. My wife asked me if I had put them on the right way round, well even I did not think I could make that simple a mistake. But she was correct in a way. The two end holes were both out in the same direction so I took them off and measured the end holes and found they differed each end. So I straightened out the curve put in by STW and bent the other end, now all holes lined up perfectly. So it would appear that STW had put the bend on both rear straps on the wrong end. So if you find your holes do not line up before getting the drill out to fix the problem check the measurements and maybe, just mount them the other way around.

I just hope that all build challenges are as easy to sort.



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