Control pcb for Likamobile

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Control pcb for Likamobile

Post  Skippy on Sun 02 Nov 2008, 11:58 am

New control PCB is here now. I got 10 PCB made up.
I have ordered all components to be soldered on to the PCB.

Cost of new PCB will be 90.00 including postage to the UK or 97.00 for the rest of the world.
Email to get on the list.07773324238
Will be out by end of November 2008 as I will need to road test it for a few weeks on my car.

New features:

Turret sensors pickup LED fault fixed.

Water tank pickup LED fault fixed.

Adjustable 12 volt LED maximum scale so you can adjust the 4 LED scales to your battery.

Debounce circuit for pressure switch with adjustable timer with a selector pin to use or not use this feature.

Output to run a solenoid to keep boiler at correct level. Selectable to top or 3 LED height. The uses of a normal open or normally closed solenoid selectable by pin output from a 5 amp relay on board. Plus a LED two indicate when its is on.

Can supply a solenoid as well to put in the water circuit.
You can still use the hand lever if you use a normal closed solenoid

Burner on uses LED one and two to put on burner output

Car is now at 0 volts not plus 5 volts with original design. Still not tested but should stop the inverter ground fault

Fits in the same case

You just have two solder in wiring from the original PCB.

You will have to put in some extra wires as well.
Will come with a wiring diagram to wire in and what the setting pins do on PCB and timer pots do.


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